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Privacy protection policy


For Nordic Lakes, it is important to take care of visitors' privacy protection. We comply with Finland's Personal Data Act and the EU Regulation on Data Privacy. We use the information only to manage our customer and collaboration relationships and to communicate and keep in touch with our customers.

Registry maintainer


Nordic Lakes Oy Ab

FO number: 3123258-4

Jokijärventie 157

93400 Taivalkoski


Name of the personal register


Nordic Lakes customer register


​ The purpose of the personal data register

The purpose of this personal register is to improve customer service, support our marketing and facilitate contact with our customers. We only use the information to manage our customer and collaboration relationships. If the informant provides information to us, we use it only for these purposes.

Information that is registered


• name

• email address

• telephone number

• postal address

• FO number

• industry

• information about the services the company is interested in, as well as delivery and invoicing information



• name

• email address

• telephone number

• title

Sources of information


Personal and company information is collected during the customer relationship and during the time when working out a customer relationship. Information can also be collected from the population register or from third party registers. Information can also be gathered during trade fairs, various networking and marketing events and at training events.


A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the user's device. They are used, for example, when you want to save the user's information when they move between different web pages. They can also contain information about, for example, the visitor's contact information.

Nordic Lakes Ab Oy only uses cookies on its website through Google Analytics. The customer can if they want to submit a contact request on the website. The customer then gives his consent for Nordic Lakes Ab Oy to add the customer's name, e-mail address and company name to the Nordic Lakes Ab Oy customer register.

External cookies / Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is linked to the website and uses cookies. With the help of cookies, you can collect information about how the visitor uses the pages, such as which pages they visit and how long the visitor stays on them. The purpose of this is to analyze how the web pages are used and improve usability. Read more about Google Analytics cookies here:


Transfer of personal data


Information is not transferred.

Protection of registers


Nordic Lakes Ab Oy has a digital customer register, which is protected with a user password. Those who process customer information have a duty of confidentiality.

Right to review and correct information


Nordic Lakes Ab Oy's customers and partners have the right to review their own information and correct incorrect information. They also have the right to prohibit the use of the information for marketing and advertising purposes and to secure their other rights mentioned in the Personal Data Act. The information is reviewed and corrected at the person's written request either by post or e-mail.

The request is sent to the following address:


Nordic Lakes Ab Oy

Jokijärventie 157

93400 Taivalkoski

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